3 Nasal Allergy Symptoms that need ENT Specialist Attention

If you sneeze all the time and nasal congestion seems to be an unending problem, you are probably suffering from nasal allergy. Fortunately, a person doesn’t need to live with nasal allergy all their life. Whether a person is allergic to dust mites, pollens, or animal dander, they can find relief from nasal allergy symptoms, provided they pay attention to the symptoms and take the help of an expert. The post discusses three common nasal allergy symptoms that should not be ignored.

Nasal Allergy Symptoms

1. Runny or Congested Nose

A runny or congested nose is one of the most common symptoms of nasal allergy. An effective way to get rid of a runny nose or congestion is to treat its cause. A person suffering from nasal allergy needs to start by avoiding allergy triggers. An allergist or otorhinolaryngology nurse practitioner can help in identifying the allergy triggers. Avoiding allergy triggers completely may, however, be difficult, but efforts can be made to minimize exposure to the allergy triggers. If a person is allergic to pollens, for instance, covering the nose when they step out can provide some relief. Nasal sprays such as antihistamines, decongestants, and cromolyn sodium can also help in controlling nasal allergy symptoms, but these shouldn’t be used for more than three days. Read the instructions given on the label before using any over-the-counter drug.

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2. Sinus Pain or Pressure

Sinus pressure is another symptom of nasal allergy. Mucus build up in the sinus cavities because of nasal allergy, leads to sinus pressure or pain. Putting a moist warm cloth on the face, or inhaling steam a few times a day can help in reducing sinus congestion. Use a saline nasal spray if the sinus pain lasts for more than a week.

3. Episodes of Non-stop Sneezing

Some people have a constant sneezing problem that creates a nuisance in their daily life. When non-stop sneezing episodes become daily phenomena, it is a sign of nasal allergy. Allergens present in the environment cause the problem of non-stop sneezing. People suffering from the problem of non-stop sneezing can use over the counter medicine. If over the counter medicines don’t help, it is advisable to consult a doctor who will prescribe a steroid nasal spray.

The Bottom Line

There could be any source or allergen causing you nasal allergy. Identifying the allergen is the first step towards avoiding the problems of nasal allergy. If a person is unable to identify the allergen, consult an ENT specialist before the problem increases. A person can also take the help of specialist nurse practitioners in Houston or any other area who can help to get rid of the problem in an appropriate manner.


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